I am a freelance software developer specialising in public interactive applications for museums, galleries, trade exhibits, visitor centres and retail outlets. This includes anything from websites and apps to large scale video walls, multitouch tables and bespoke installations.

I work closely with a diverse range of designers, agencies and makers enabling me to deliver innovative and engaging interactive solutions and have delivered projects for a wide range of both national and international clients. Some of my selected work can be seen below:

Noma Earthtubes

Interactive LED display using Kinect. More info to come...

WWT - Swan interative

Touchscreen interactive for the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust.

The interactive is aimed at teaching users about migratory swans that can be found in the UK. It also allows users to search WWT's vast database of swans to find more information about individual swans that can be seen at the various wetland sites.

Technology used: c++ / openFrameworks

Lyle & Scott - Swing 2 Win!

Interactive golf game developed for Lyle & Scott and presented at their store on Carnaby Street.

More info to come...

Sun and Sand Sports

Three interative games (football, basketball, running) developed for Sun and Sand Sports in Dubai.

Technology used: c++ / openFrameworks / C# / .NET / Arduino


Cycling interactive developed with Designmap for SITA. Players compete against eachother to match energy demands throughout the day by pedaling at different speeds in order to match a pre-defined graph.

Technology used: C# / .NET / Arduino


Along with Recursive Media, I developed all of the software for Pro-Direct's first UK store in Carnaby Street.

The main part of the project involved developing a customisable video wall system that allowed any number of screens to be 'grouped'. Groups are synchronised allowing the store to give the illusion of playing one very large video or any number of smaller ones.

Other items included an interactive 'kit' application that allows a user to swipe though different clothing and view that clothing on a 4k ideo in front of them.

The system also allowed remote updating through a CMS.

Technology used: C# / .NET

Skoda - Be in the ad

Working with Engage Production, I helped to develop the software for a hugely popular interactive shown on the Skoda stand at the 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Using high quality cameras and a greenscreen, we were able to record and automatically replace users with actors in the advert for the new Octavia vRS. The resulting videos were automatically uploaded to Skoda's youtube channel for participants to view.

Technology used: C++ / openFrameworks / C# / .NET / Youtube API

Cecil Higgins Gallery - iPad interactives

Working with Designmap, I developed three iPad applications for the new Cecil Higgins gallery in Bedford.

The create a caption application allowed users to write their own captions for various objects found in the gallery.

The design a room application allowed users to design their own room in either a Victorian or Aesthetic style. Users are able to pick flooring and wallpaper before selecting items of furniture and placing them around the room.

The magic lantern application allowed users to scroll through a set of images, selecting some for inclusion in a slideshow

Technology used: Objective-c / cocos2d-iPhone

Wind Tunnel

Software development for 2.5 metre long multi-touch wind tunnel simulator.

Technology used: C++ / openFrameworks / openGL

Nike - Be Mercurial

Software development for the Nike Be Mercurial booth. People were invited to sit inside a booth to take part in a sensory experience involving video, audio, light and air pressure.

During the experience, images are taken of the participant and then automatically emailed to them.

Technology used: C++ / openFrameworks / PHP

Visa - multitouch table

Multitouch table developed for Visa that was shown at the 2012 Olympics. The software consisted of various sections including an interactive 3D globe and an image gallery that people could post images to from their phones

Technology used: C# / .NET / WPF / PHP / XML

Sky Skills Studios

Working with Engage Production, I provided all of the programming for the Sky Skills Studios, an experience for visiting school groups. Classes of up to thirty children get the opportunity to create their own 6 minute HD Sky News report.

The suite contains four separate studios and the children take individual roles such as camera operator, editor, presenter, writer or director and work together to plan, record and edit their own Sky news broadcasts. Each of the studios has a camera, green screen and multi touch edit table. Each team constructs a narrative on the edit table by selecting backdrop video clips, entering foreground text, recording, and finally editing the recorded clips.

Technology used: C# / .NET / WPF / Arduino / XML

1001 Inventions - Abbas Ibn Firnas game

Horseshoeshape recently completed a flying game for 1001 Inventions that tells the story of Abbas Ibn Firnas (810-887 A.D), a respected polymath and inventor who is said to have made an attempt at flight using a set of wings.

Using your arms as wings, the object of the game is to keep Abbas flying for as long as possible whilst dodging enemies and collecting prizes along the way.

Technology used: C# / XNA / Microsoft Kinect SDK

1001 Inventions - Abu Dhabi Science Festival

As part of Horseshoeshape I helped to develop three interactive installations for 1001 Inventions at the inaugural Abu Dhabi Science Festival 2011.

The installations included an interactive Surgery, a touchscreen wind tunnel simulation and a large interactive globe projection.

Technology used: C++ / openFrameworks / C# / .NET / WPF

The FA Cup Tour - interactive table

Working with Engage Production, I developed the software for an interactive table which allowed users to explore teams within the English Football Association.

A replica FA cup was used to navigate through the software. Placed on top of the table, it's angle of rotation allowed users to select different teams within a chosen league. Once a team has been selected, information, facts, images and videos of that team would appear.

Technology used: C++ / openFrameworks

Jodrell Bank

As part of Horseshoeshape, I helped to develop all of the interactive software for the visitor centre at Jodrell Bank Observatory. Seven items of software were delivered each with their own easy to use CMS.

We worked closely with the scientists at the observatory to create software that is educational yet fun and engaging. A three metre multi-touch table was programmed to demonstrate the imagery captured from the radio telescopes when tuned to different frequency. Touchscreen software was developed to show how the big bang happened, what black holes are, in-depth analysis of the different known planets and to demonstrate the lifetime of stars. Lastly two screens were programmed to display the current status of the Lovell Telescope.

Technology used: C# / .NET / WPF

General Electric

Working with Swarm-UK, Horseshoeshape programmed all the interactive software for a General Electric exhibition on sustainable energy at Kings Place in London.

The software consisted of four separate touchscreen applications which focused on different areas where General Electric are working to provide cleaner, more sustainable energy.

Technology used: C# / .NET / WPF

Castrol World Cup - multitouch table

Horseshoeshape, working with Engage Production, were asked to create the software for two multitouch, multi-user systems for Castrol at World Cup VIP areas in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

The software centered around Castrol's football index data system and allowed users to view and compare different teams and players who have taken part in the FIFA World Cup through the use of videos, images and text.

Technology used: C# / .NET / WPF